Attention to Detail


 ACTs (Authorized Court Transcriptionists) have sworn to abide by standards and pricing set by MAG (the Ministry of the Attorney General), and to honour strict confidentiality and accessibility rules.  With a fanatical attention to detail and appreciation for the importance of having a true and clean record of the proceedings, we take it to the next level.  A Court transcript must be a true verbatim record of what was said, and to be "Certified" by an ACT means that it was transcribed to the very highest standards:   The transcript can be relied  upon under the Evidence Act.

Transcripts from other sources/jurisdictions will receive the benefit of "best of my ability" certification, with the same attention to detail.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Turning the digital court record into an accurate, easy-to-read transcript of sometimes challenging verbatim testimony requires in-depth knowledge of grammar and language nuance.  I love the beauty and complexity of the English language!  

Having started work with court reporters over 10 years ago,  running an independent consulting business for more than 20 years, and having been responsible for the preparation of countless corporate documents,  we can promise you the highest level of accuracy and service.   And, with a Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) designation,  we know how to multi-task on time and on budget.

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