Reliable Transcript Delivery

On-Time Delivery

  • ACT-Certified court transcripts for proceedings held at Ontario or Superior Courts of Justice
  • "Best of my ability" certification for other types
  • Regular and expedited turnaround
  • Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed
  • Electronic copy delivered safely to your Inbox; certified, bound hard-copy delivered by bonded courier to your door

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

  • Estimates provided on request. 
  • Rates for transcripts of proceedings from Ontario courts are  established by legislation and are available here.  
  • Rates for transcripts from other sources will be fairly estimated/priced
  • Delivery charges may be applicable.
  • The only other charge is HST

Other Transcripts - Audio/Video

Other Transcripts

Police interviews, LTB hearings, discoveries, private meetings, Federal Court proceedings, etc.  Pricing for non-OCJ or SCJ court transcripts will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of the recording, the clarity of the spoken language and the turnaround required.  

It's Not Rocket Science -- but it is Hard Work!

Construction Basics

If you've never ordered a transcript before, we will make sure the process is easy to understand and will keep you informed as required.  

There are NO stupid questions!!  Honest!!!

Whether you are experienced with ordering court transcripts or this is your first time, read what satisfied clients have to say in Testimonials.